Term One and Two, 2019. Our Time:

"Away we Go"

   (newborn-4 yrs).


Welcome to Away We Go!


Welcome to Away We Go! Children love to GO. Going is their gift, their license to venture out into the world and their means of retreating to the security of Mum or Dad. With children’s desire to GO comes an attraction to other things that GO – people, animals, pull toys, tricycles, cars, planes, and the list goes on. In “Away We Go!”, we are happy to give Our Time families a unit of curriculum that focuses on things that GO, leading an exploration into the world of transportation.



Home Materials


Two Home CDs containing all songs & music used in classes, two storybooks, a home activity book containing music and lyrics for songs and ideas to use at home, two harmonicas (for parent & child) & a child's train carry box.



Investment $300 (including a $60 deposit)


Families with more than one child attending (Siblings under 6 mths or 3rd child are free)

Investment $460 (including a $100 deposit)


The payment options will be Deposit of $60 to register which is part

of the total fee.

Balance of payment at or before first class or instalments if arranged.


Class Structure: 16 sessions over two terms.     Class Length: 45 minutes

Venue: Albany Bridge Club, Mill St. (Must book to attend class)

Time and Day: Tuesday or Thursday. 9:15am

Dates:  1st term  Starting on Tues Feb 12th/Thurs Feb 14th.

                             Finishing on Tues Apr 2nd/Thurs Apr 4th.

        Janet is then having a 5 week break.

             2nd term Starting on Tues May 14th/Thurs May 16th.

                             Finishing   on Tues Jul 2nd/Thurs Jul 4th.

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