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In her Wiggle & Grow classes Janet welcomes all ages from newborn to grandparents for a nurturing and fun filled term of musical activities. You will see  how musical learning will help your family share, laugh together and grow closer.

You will also see how little ones watch the older ones - and learn from them and how the older ones show caring around the little ones.  Early exposure to beat, rhythm, songs and rhymes develops the skills they need now and later in their lives.

Kindermusik Wiggle & Grow has something for everyone. Imagine a music room filled with singing, moving and instrument playing, creating a foundation for musical growth and development as well as an opportunity for family growth and learning.

What you'll experience in class:


  •  Singing. From the first "Hello" song to the last "Goodbye," exploring a variety of musical styles and genres leads children to find their own voice. Plus singing helps with memory and recall, physical development, creativity, and socialisation.
  •  Assorted Movement. Whether moving as a family, as a class, or as individuals, Family Time movement activities enhance coordination skills, create opportunities for imitation and exploration, and give everyone something to smile, rock, bounce, or dance about.
  •  Story Time. Reading aloud to children stimulates their curiosity, expands their knowledge, and broadens their understanding of language.
  •  Family Jam. Children (and adults) will love selecting a unique instrument and joining in one big class jam session each week.
  •  Musical Concepts. Fun engaging activities bring out the musicality in everyone, from the youngest member of the family to the oldest. Together you'll learn more about music as you learn more about each other.
  •  Expert advice. Janet will explain during sessions how our musically based activities enhance your child's complete development. The music and activities in Kindermusik Family Time were chosen for their wide appeal to all ages.
  •  Learning continues at home. With the home materials, the learning continues at home with your child's best teacher - you!
Term Four Classes. In term four of 2021 Janet is offering a Tuesday class which will be repeated on Thursday. "Wiggle & Grow" classes encourage the entire family to get involved from newborns to grandparents. Everyone is welcome. This is an 8 week program designed for newborns to 4 year olds.

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