PIANO TUITION Janet Austin is a well respected piano teacher in Albany with a gift for passing on her passion and knowledge to young students. She believes teaching music from a range of genres is a key to keeping students engaged and as they become more proficient she encourages input on the music they play. A number of her students play each year in the Albany Eisteddfod with great success with some going on to represent school and community bands playing piano and other instruments. READINESS Although there are exceptions, Janet has generally found that children are not ready for individual musical instruction until the age of at least 6 or 7 years. They need to be able to focus at the lesson and also be willing to do a small amount each day at home with parent support. It has been found that their progress on an instrument is enhanced where they have attended preschool music enrichment classes such as Kindermusik or Kinderbeat where a foundation has been laid for musicianship through rhythmic activities, singing, movement and musical notation skills. PIANO LESSONS FOR YOUNGER BEGINNERS ENCORE on KEYS Series: 5 to 7 year old beginners. A stimulating & enjoyable introduction to keyboard learning featuring the lovable “Onkie” characters. Children meet their instrument right from the start, sing along with the music, play percussion instruments and engage with the music through gestures and movement activities. Flash cards ensure that music literacy is developed from day one. Home kit: CD, music book, flash-cards, plastic wallet, journal. PIANO LESSONS FOR 8-12 YEAR OLD BEGINNERS. ENCORE on KEYS Primary Series. This course is comprehensive and lots of fun. Skills are developed through finger taps, finger zips, rhythm taps, repertoire pieces, ensemble playing and flash cards. The methodology is as the Junior series but adapted to suit the older child. Contemporary and traditional styles are authentically recreated so that when learning even the simplest of pieces, students are exposed to multiple musical layers. As students progress, the wonderful pattern reading “Music Logic” method is integrated to further help students' learning. Home kit: CD, music book, flash-cards, plastic wallet, journal. PIANO LESSONS FOR 13 YRS-ADULT BEGINNERS ENCORE ON KEYS series and Music Logic Method. The order of pieces has been carefully chosen to enable students to rapidly acquire a range of musical skills without undue pressure. The emphasis is clearly on enjoyment and building self-confidence within a teaching method that is educationally responsible and stimulating. Home kit: CD, music book, journal. CONCERTS A family concert is held each year, generally in November. All students are encouraged to participate in these as it gives them the chance to share their music and helps develop their confidence by playing in front of others. EISTEDDFOD Each year in May, students get the chance to perform in the music eisteddfod. This is usually an exciting experience and one that most of them enjoy. While Janet encourages her students to participate, it's not compulsory.

When visiting, please drive down from Burgoyne Rd. and then out onto Brunswick Rd. Please be extra cautious because  young piano students walk through and play in the garden.

Janet can be contacted here


These are optional  and can be discussed with Janet at any time.



Tuition fees are $39 for 30 minute lessons once a week.

Fees are generally charged on a term basis unless otherwise arranged. Music books are extra and starting kit is generally $46.



There is no point in starting lessons unless you own a piano or keyboard

(preferably with touch sensitive or weighted keys) as no

progress will be made without practice.

Please talk to Janet if you need advice on what to purchase.



Held at 74 Brunswick Rd, Albany. (See map below)


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